Monday, June 1, 2015

More Lilly (Not Even Sorry)

It is no lie that Kelly and I like love Lilly Pulitzer.  It can be dressed down or dressed up.  I think the patterns are so fun and summery and they make me smile.  
To say that I adore this skirt is an understatement.  I think it goes great with these and these shoes! I paired this with a simple white tee and a cute necklace.  This skirt will get you so many compliments.  

This dress was Lilly for Target and it felt so nice.  It is so cute and I dig the lace down the center.  (Similar and my favorite shift right now). My shoes are old Kenneth Cole Reaction kid's wedges.  Here are a pair that are alike.

I would love to see what everyone else is loving right now! 

Much love

Summer Linen

Gap Linen Fit & Flare Dress || Tory Burch Wedges (similar and on sale: here and here!) || Francesca's Necklace (I got this as a gift from my boyfriend. He knows me so well. Check out some similar choices below!)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Tunic

Tunic Anthropologie (old, but check out some similars below!) || Legging Jeans Gap || Sandals Gap (old, but check out this year's similar pair - on sale!)

I really love all the patriotic holidays, but there's something about Memorial Day that just brings out the true American in me!  This red, white, and blue (okay, okay, and green) tunic is perfect for my Tuesday celebration of Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Grey Matters

AG Jeans Sadie Panel Tank || Gap Always Skinny Jeans (my favorite cut!) || Jack Rogers Georgica Jelly (an old color, but loving these on sale!) || Straw Stripe Tote (similar - and here's a bargain and a splurge, but come onnnn it's so cute!)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

White on Stripes

 Pim + Larkin Grey Stripe Top from Piperlime (unavailable - bye Piperlime! - but similar for a bargain and similar at less of a bargain from J.Crew but it's linen.) || Gap Weekend Shorts (on sale!) || Converse Shoreline in Grey (although my eyes see "dusty olive green".. just saying! These are also on sale with free shipping from Nordstrom!)

Friday, May 15, 2015

& Another Lilly

Lilly Pulitzer Skirt (from an old After Party Sale, but loving the new "Tate" skirts!) || Gap Side Zip Boat Neck Tee (mine is actually a season old and v-necked, the new ones also come in stripes!) || Naturalizer Applause Flats

Confession: I'm really into skorts.  I bought this Lilly Pulitzer one from the After Party Sale last summer, but it quickly got too cold to wear it.  I'm so excited to finally have pulled it out of hibernation. ;)

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Lilly for Target Review: Take 2

Lilly Pulitzer for Target Fan Dance Shift Dress || J.Crew Factory Denim Jacket || Jack Rogers Gold Navajo (but I'm digging these chambray and gold ones and these cork and gold ones and they're both such a steal! Off 5th has it going on right now.  These Jack Rogers Ballet Flats are under $50.)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lilly for Target Review

 Lilly Pulitzer for Target "See Ya Later" Shift Dress (Sadly sold out pretty much instantly!) || Banana  Republic Rorie Wedges (Okay, I must do a quick pitch for these wedges - I hate heels.  I feel awkward and unbalanced, not to mention a little uncomfortable and pinched.  These wedges are none of that!)

I've been on the verge of posting these pictures for a few days, and every time I start a post I get a little embarrassed about how ridiculously excited I was for this line and say "Maybe you should calm down for a few days and then blog." Hahaha.  No.  Never going to happen, Kel.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Swingy and Springy

Holy moly - spring is here in Ohio, and it came in with ferocity.  Real ferocity.  Today is supposed to top out at a muggy ninety degrees.  This weather has me searching for some cool, swingy striped dresses.  Very cliche Kelly, but old favorites are old favorites for a reason.

Check out some of my favorite finds below!  Most are under $50 - I seriously have my eyes on this dress from Lulu's and this dress is a steal at under $25!

Friday, May 8, 2015

Love & Honor

Flutter Sleeve Shift Dress LOFT (old, but dying over these Loft shifts: one and two) || Two-tone Patent Ballet Flats Naturalizer (the comfiest! Dig around for some great classic styles. Also find this exact pair on 6pm.) || Crystal Venus Flytrap Necklace J. Crew || (My friend to the right doesn't know this blog exists*, but I asked and her dress is from Francesa's. I'm loving these right now!)

First off, let's start with ONE BIG apology for being so absent lately!  I realize I haven't blogged since spring break, and now here it is.. college graduation.  I am, sincerely, sorry that the time flew away so fast without a word, but it's been nice to really enjoy the last few weeks with my friends and roommates.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Springside in Seaside

Pardon My Trench (love the clever name!) Colombia || my life staple: black and white striped tee! Bought from TJ Maxx, but here's some similars to get you going: don't we all just love 6pm?! || my favorite cuffed denim shorts, by Banana Republic, are old, but I have a feeling I'll love these just as much - Boyfriend Denim Shorts Gap (the extra 1/2 inch makes a big difference when it comes to 3 inch shorts! Always going for the three and a half!)

Friday, April 3, 2015

Anchored to Spring (But really Spring Break)

Hello world. Kendall here on my last day of break (*crying emoji*).  This break has flown by and I've been so busy that I haven't captured any of my outfits until today.  Scratch that.  I have not gotten out of leggings and a tee shirt all week.  I figured no one would want to see that.  This past week I have gone hiking, to a macaron bar, many trips to Starbucks for iced coffee, and painted/repainted my nails in boredom.
The best macaroons ever.  Raspberry was literally amazing. Tears because now I want more.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Breaking in Spring

Happy Sunday friends! Kelly here! I'm on spring break this week and trying to enjoy the beach as "unplugged" as possible. Don't worry - I'll snap some shots to share when I get back, but I'll be off the radar until next week.

Three cheers for sleeping in until the sun comes up, soaking in some rays, and yummy beach food with friends!

Update: Kelly is back, but now Kendall is on Spring Break.  (Wish those breaks would've matched up!) We'll be back next week with some fun outfit + life posts!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bringing out the White Jeans

 Patch Pocket Sweater (yes, another one!) J. Crew || White Jeans Michael Kors || Abby Flats Banana Republic (the only flats you will never need to "break in" + they're on sale!) || Alex & Ani bracelets I seriously want this starfish one! || Ralph Lauren glasses

Friday, March 13, 2015

Chambray + Floral

Happy Friday!!! Okay... So I know floral for spring is such a cliche but I do not care.  I LOVE these pants. They are old J. Crew factory, and I have looked this season for something like them but I couldn't find anything.  Tory Burch has a pair I liked but that is all that I have seen for this spring.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring in Sweaters

 Patch Pocket Sweater J. Crew Factory (no longer available, but bought because I loved Kelly in it!) || Mint Jeans from J. Crew (oops! That was a coincidence! They're old.) || Buckle Flats Banana Republic, which are old but I bought because they reminded me (loosely) of these Jack Rogers ones that I love. Also liking this, this, and these from Jack Rogers.  (Because really, I like them all, you know?)

 My favorite detail on this sweater is the pockets.  It makes the sweater not so "Oh, there's Kelly wearing something else that's navy" and more "Hey! But it has pockets!"  Seriously, who doesn't feel more compelled to own something when it has pockets? Are you human? How do you resist?

Also, SPRING HAS SPRUNG!  I've been afraid to celebrate because it could leave at any moment - especially in the Cincinnati area - but I've decided it's staying for good.  I know sweaters don't scream spring, but once I pull out the flats it. is. spring.

To celebrate, a friend and I got frozen yogurt before the school we volunteer at was dismissed for the day.  Here's an outtake for you! (It's the froyo + favorite sweater combined that's got me like this haha.)
How are you guys enjoying the warmer weather?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter Flannel + FitBit

 White/Grey Plaid Flannel Old Navy || Marine Skinny Ankle Jeans Banana Republic || Cammi Riding Boots Mia || FitBit Flex || FitBit Flex Black and White Polkadot Wristband

Happy Saturday!  I try not to live for the weekends, but gosh, it feels good it get to this one.  Kendall and I have been really slacking with the blog, but we're trying to get better. Yesterday both of us remembered to snap pictures of what we were wearing.

Lately it's been incredibly cold in Ohio (for Ohio, at least).  Wednesday I walked to class a little early to do some studying at it was -18. NEGATIVE EIGHTEEN. I know that must be a cakewalk for some of you northerners, but I'm seriously dying.

Today I wanted to tell you guys about one of my favorite Christmas presents this year - the FitBit Flex.  As a nutrition major, I love to track what I'm eating on my phone, but I was always missing a huge factor: activity tracking.  Sure, I could enter in my workouts, but I really wanted something that had more of a "live update" feature.  The FitBit totally has that.  It's pushed me to be more active, even if that's just walking around more, and has a super fun "competition" factor so that I can see how much my mom is moving and cheer her on (and brag when I beat her). ;)

There are a few options of wristbands right on the website (and even this Tory Burch one - SWOON - am I right?!) but I resorted to my BFF Amazon and found some fun options.  Look around - they're so cheap, I bought five or six and change them around to better coordinate with my outfits.

Anyone else tried out any other fitness trackers? Sound off in the comments - or just say hi!

Hope you have a good weekend!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Spring Favorites

It seems like Winter is going to last forever and with snow in the forecast for this week I needed a glimmer of hope of warmer weather. I am die-hard lover of summer, but spring is much better than the dreary Ohio winter.  Basically 4 months of gray skies and gray snow.  I love spring clothes because pastels and floral (and stripes obviously) are so fun to wear!  Here are a few of my favorite pieces helping me make it through these last dew wintry months.  

These shorts. Ugh. Seriously dying at how perfect they are. Navy... Stripes... J. Crew.... What more could a girl possibly want? 

I saw this on Madewell a few days ago and almost had a little heart attack on how much I loved it! It is so easy and fun and great to throw on with a little jacket.  

So Kelly and I have just the slightest obsession with lululemon. And these little crops would be so fun to wear.  Not going to lie, most days I wear some type of lulu pants because it is just like a little bit of heaven.  These are going to be a must for me this spring.  

And last but certainly not least are these Jack Roger sandals.  I have three pairs myself but they are very basic colors and I would love this pair to spice but my wardrobe for the spring.  I mean who doesn't just love a blue like that?

I would love to hear from you as to what your favorite spring pieces are! 

Much Love,

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Since Everyone Else is Doin' It...

(not pictured: two more bins and a ginormous box. I'm kind of embarrassed!)

Earlier in the week, one of my very favorite bloggers ever, Kelly Larkin of Kelly in the City linked this article about the Japanese Closet Clean-Out and my immediate reaction was "oh no" because man oh man did I need to do that.

As a college student, I live in a house with five of my close friends (Six girls, one house.  You can't even imagine the sheer volume of clothing that entails.) and also still sort-of reside in my parents home about thirty minutes away during long school breaks.  So that means I have two rooms to store clothes in, two closets, two dressers, and way too much stuff.

Right now I'm at home because my college has a forever long winter break (Not complaining! It's six weeks of heaven.) and we haven't started classes yet.  I got the flu during finals week and quickly and unexpectedly moved back home with just duffel bag of clothes I truly love and depend on, and you know what?  It's been totally fine.  Of course, I've accumulated more clothing over break with Christmas and honestly shopping trips taken out of boredom, but I really don't need much of anything that I left behind in my college house.

So today I drove back there, packed up two thirds of what was left, and have sorted it into "just need to be donated because I don't think I have friends interested in these clothes", "maybe my friends would like these", and "I don't particularly have a reason for this button-up or these slacks right now, but my mom will kill me if I give away my future work wardrobe".

It was actually fun because I'm excited to give some of these clothes a new life.  I don't dislike any of the stuff I'm offering to my friends (that wouldn't be fair, haha) but I just have things I like more.  I'm excited for other people to like them more than me and to give them away.

I'm hoping that the more I give away, the less I feel like I need.  For some reason all the clutter makes me feel like I don't have enough.  Weird how that works out, right?

Anyone else feeling the itch for some spring cleaning a little too early? What are your best tricks for staying organized and kicking out the clutter?

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Saturday, January 10, 2015

(It's Kind of a Poncho but Don't Tell Anyone)

Crosshatch Cape Banana Republic || Ashley Bow Ballet Flats Banana Republic || Jeans Gap || T-shirt Gap || (Wow, now that I have this uploaded I realized what a bad quality picture this is! Oh well, too late now! Trust me, the sweater is b-e-a-utiful!)
I remember being in late elementary school and getting matching Easter outfits with my sisters that included, yes, a poncho.  I loved that poncho.  Some of my older friends in their own (more mature) Easter outfits?  Didn't love it so much.  So I've scoffed at the humble poncho for the past decade.

This poncho from Banana Republic has me un-scoffing, though!  It's fashionably risky enough for me but still true to who I am.  Bonus points because it's been incredibly cold in Ohio these days.  Like, in the negatives.  I know for you northerners and more northern mid-westerners this is nothing, but I'm freezing down here!  This sweater is like a giant knit hug all day.

Also, I've been getting crazy steals at the Gap lately.  This "essential long sleeve tee" was marked down to $7.99 with and additional 60% off, for a grand total of $3.20.  Crazy.  I bought a trillion because I live in them.  They're so soft but also quite thick as far as plain tees go.  (Nothing I hate more than a see-through tee, am I right?!)

Hope you guys are enjoying your winters!  I'm currently changing out of those ballet flats (cold feet!) and into wool socks and boots!  Stay warm, sweet friends!

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