About Ohio Stripes
Hi! I'm Kelly.  I started this blog because I love style blogs, and the best way to enjoy the style blog world is to start one yourself - am I right?!  I started this blog to have a home base to interact with other bloggers who I love and admire.  Say hello! Please!

I love all things basic, so this blog has really pushed me to step out of what's comfortable and to take style risks. (Um, this cape? Total risk!)  This blog has also pushed me to be risky with relationships with other bloggers.  To encourage them and make blogger-small-talk with them and to ask questions.  More than we are bloggers, we are people, and if there's something I love more than clothes, it's the people who wear them.

So let's chat.  I'll compliment your clothes, for sure, but I care so much more about you!

About Kelly Herself ;)
I recently graduated from Miami University (of Ohio, duh! "Miami of Ohio was a college before Florida was a state"!) with a major in Nutrition.  I'll be starting a dietetic internship in the fall, and in April should be eligible to take the Registered Dietitian board exam and work as an RD in a hospital. Woohoo! Dreams being made over here!

After my first semester of college I began leading Young Life - if you don't know what Young Life is, give it a Google!  I am a beneficiary of Young Life - my leader was and is still an awesome friend and encourager to me.  I love her dearly and am thankful for the way she held a crown over my head and let me grow up into it.

I volunteer as a leader at a large public high school in the Cincinnati area.  That's how I met Kendall and how this blog took its roots!

I love all things small and warm (babies, puppies, fresh muffins, etc.) and outdoorsy.  You will probably see a fair share of both dressy-ness and outdoorsy-ness and I like it that way.   I truly believe in being your own person stylistically - and sometimes that means that I actually really do like what's mainstream - and that's okay

Thanks for coming along on this journey with me!  Cheers! - K