Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Mildest July

Jacket: J.Crew Factory // Tank: Gap (old, but similar here) // Shorts: J.Crew 5" in Dusty Thistle - on sale! (I cuffed them once here.) // Necklace: Dogeared // Sandals: Jacks, of course.  On sale! Loving these and these which are also on sale and, wow guys, I could buy them all!

We are having the mildest July ever here in southwest Ohio.  So mild that I've been picking jeans up and digging for long sleeves.  I am definitely not complaining though! It's been so nice out - such a great break from our usual midsummer mug.

These J.Crew chino shorts are some of my summer favs.  I love the 4" ones but found these last night on a sale rack for $10.  I also bought a white pair in a size a little too loose but figured I'd tuck a shirt in, add a belt, and make do.  For ten bucks I could make a lot work.  When I went to college I made a promise to myself that I would never buy J.Crew solid chino shorts that cost me more than $20.  Part challenge, part "I truly believe I can get them this cheap" and trust me, I don't want for J.Crew shorts.  I have plenty.  A whole rainbow full.
The necklace was a bridesmaid gift from a wedding I was in last week for one of my closest and dearest friends.  Huzzah! to new beginnings but dang, I hate this ending.  So many transitions!  Trying not to think about how soon they'll be my transitions - graduating college, getting a job, blah blah blah letsnotthinkaboutit.
Of course, the watch is an oldie but goodie - a 21st birthday present that my mom loves to see me wear.  And it's not like I only wear it for her, I actually do love it.  The tortoise color has served me so well. 
Hope you all had a happy fourth! Yay FREEDOM!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sunnies + Lilly Lovin'

One dilemma I constantly find myself in is having BIG TASTES in pricier brands and a much (much much much) smaller budget. Luckily I can normally get pretty creative, and I especially love a good deal. When those two things combine I know we're headed straight for success. 

Sunglasses: TJ Maxx, but other great deals on designer sunnies here and here. Strap: Lilly Pulitzer

I love a little bit of Lilly, but too much can be over powering and I've found I only get a few real wears out of it before it feels over done. A little touch though? That I can totally handle, and especially a $14.99 little touch. Paired with a pair of $9.99 sunglasses I found at TJ Maxx, I can't wait to enjoy this accessory all summer long.

*** The only caveat I have is that these do not fit Ray Bans or anything similar. Trust me, I tried and tried. It's what led me to TJ Maxx searching for cheap but cute sunnies. ***

Enjoy the sun, enjoy some shade(s). Welcome, sweet summertime!