Sunday, March 22, 2015

Breaking in Spring

Happy Sunday friends! Kelly here! I'm on spring break this week and trying to enjoy the beach as "unplugged" as possible. Don't worry - I'll snap some shots to share when I get back, but I'll be off the radar until next week.

Three cheers for sleeping in until the sun comes up, soaking in some rays, and yummy beach food with friends!

Update: Kelly is back, but now Kendall is on Spring Break.  (Wish those breaks would've matched up!) We'll be back next week with some fun outfit + life posts!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bringing out the White Jeans

 Patch Pocket Sweater (yes, another one!) J. Crew || White Jeans Michael Kors || Abby Flats Banana Republic (the only flats you will never need to "break in" + they're on sale!) || Alex & Ani bracelets I seriously want this starfish one! || Ralph Lauren glasses

Friday, March 13, 2015

Chambray + Floral

Happy Friday!!! Okay... So I know floral for spring is such a cliche but I do not care.  I LOVE these pants. They are old J. Crew factory, and I have looked this season for something like them but I couldn't find anything.  Tory Burch has a pair I liked but that is all that I have seen for this spring.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring in Sweaters

 Patch Pocket Sweater J. Crew Factory (no longer available, but bought because I loved Kelly in it!) || Mint Jeans from J. Crew (oops! That was a coincidence! They're old.) || Buckle Flats Banana Republic, which are old but I bought because they reminded me (loosely) of these Jack Rogers ones that I love. Also liking this, this, and these from Jack Rogers.  (Because really, I like them all, you know?)

 My favorite detail on this sweater is the pockets.  It makes the sweater not so "Oh, there's Kelly wearing something else that's navy" and more "Hey! But it has pockets!"  Seriously, who doesn't feel more compelled to own something when it has pockets? Are you human? How do you resist?

Also, SPRING HAS SPRUNG!  I've been afraid to celebrate because it could leave at any moment - especially in the Cincinnati area - but I've decided it's staying for good.  I know sweaters don't scream spring, but once I pull out the flats it. is. spring.

To celebrate, a friend and I got frozen yogurt before the school we volunteer at was dismissed for the day.  Here's an outtake for you! (It's the froyo + favorite sweater combined that's got me like this haha.)
How are you guys enjoying the warmer weather?