Saturday, February 28, 2015

Winter Flannel + FitBit

 White/Grey Plaid Flannel Old Navy || Marine Skinny Ankle Jeans Banana Republic || Cammi Riding Boots Mia || FitBit Flex || FitBit Flex Black and White Polkadot Wristband

Happy Saturday!  I try not to live for the weekends, but gosh, it feels good it get to this one.  Kendall and I have been really slacking with the blog, but we're trying to get better. Yesterday both of us remembered to snap pictures of what we were wearing.

Lately it's been incredibly cold in Ohio (for Ohio, at least).  Wednesday I walked to class a little early to do some studying at it was -18. NEGATIVE EIGHTEEN. I know that must be a cakewalk for some of you northerners, but I'm seriously dying.

Today I wanted to tell you guys about one of my favorite Christmas presents this year - the FitBit Flex.  As a nutrition major, I love to track what I'm eating on my phone, but I was always missing a huge factor: activity tracking.  Sure, I could enter in my workouts, but I really wanted something that had more of a "live update" feature.  The FitBit totally has that.  It's pushed me to be more active, even if that's just walking around more, and has a super fun "competition" factor so that I can see how much my mom is moving and cheer her on (and brag when I beat her). ;)

There are a few options of wristbands right on the website (and even this Tory Burch one - SWOON - am I right?!) but I resorted to my BFF Amazon and found some fun options.  Look around - they're so cheap, I bought five or six and change them around to better coordinate with my outfits.

Anyone else tried out any other fitness trackers? Sound off in the comments - or just say hi!

Hope you have a good weekend!