Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lilly for Target Review

 Lilly Pulitzer for Target "See Ya Later" Shift Dress (Sadly sold out pretty much instantly!) || Banana  Republic Rorie Wedges (Okay, I must do a quick pitch for these wedges - I hate heels.  I feel awkward and unbalanced, not to mention a little uncomfortable and pinched.  These wedges are none of that!)

I've been on the verge of posting these pictures for a few days, and every time I start a post I get a little embarrassed about how ridiculously excited I was for this line and say "Maybe you should calm down for a few days and then blog." Hahaha.  No.  Never going to happen, Kel.

So I was, in fact, very excited for this Lilly and Target collaboration.  I know lots of people had issues galore when trying to shop online, but I just so happened to be on my phone when the mobile site was working and my mom and I ordered this dress (and another).  I only ordered in one size, and luckily they fit well!

I wasn't expecting great Lilly standard quality, but at $38 I was willing to take a shot.  And let me tell you - I AM BLOWN AWAY.  The fabric is thick but not hot to wear, with some stretch but not so much that it grows over the course of a day.

And the details are darling.  The lace applique down the front and the scalloped edge are so cute! And don't miss the pineapple zipper! The. cute. ness.

I'm so bummed that this line sold out so fast and that people are reselling on eBay for way more than retail.  (I feel like that means Target could've sold these for more than $38, but I'm personally glad they priced how they did!)  I've had my eyes on a few Lilly Pulitzer dresses for a while - like this more classy powdery blue number and this patriotic shift.  Oh! And how do we feel about the two piece looks coming out?!  (I'm not sure.  Maybe I'm getting old.)

Check back in later this week - I'll be posting more from the Lilly for Target line and my personal Lilly Pulitzer collection, as well as some tips for how I get the most out of my Lilly (and money when buying!).  And next week I'll have some college graduation Lilly for Target pics to share! **insert weeping emoji here! Don't leave me, college!**

Much love!


  1. This is so cute on you! I was really sad when I couldn't get my hands on anything, and pretty disappointed when I saw people selling the merchandise for wayyyy more than regular price on eBay. I'm happy some people got some stuff online, though! Looks great too :)

    Brooke | brookewrote

  2. Don't be embarrassed about posting something you love. That dress looks so fabulous on you!

    Glitter and Grey

  3. Thanks Alyssa! You're right! I like what I like! I've been trying to practice being completely my own person - thanks for the reminder!