Friday, May 8, 2015

Love & Honor

Flutter Sleeve Shift Dress LOFT (old, but dying over these Loft shifts: one and two) || Two-tone Patent Ballet Flats Naturalizer (the comfiest! Dig around for some great classic styles. Also find this exact pair on 6pm.) || Crystal Venus Flytrap Necklace J. Crew || (My friend to the right doesn't know this blog exists*, but I asked and her dress is from Francesa's. I'm loving these right now!)

First off, let's start with ONE BIG apology for being so absent lately!  I realize I haven't blogged since spring break, and now here it is.. college graduation.  I am, sincerely, sorry that the time flew away so fast without a word, but it's been nice to really enjoy the last few weeks with my friends and roommates.
 I feel like I had an especially brief college stay for some reason.  It seriously flew by.  As I'm packing up the house I've shared for two years with five other girls, I can't help but feel a little bit of heart break every time I put something in a box.  (And I've got a lot of somethings to put into boxes haha.) One girl can't handle that much heartbreak!  Sometimes the act of beginning to move away from a place can remind you of how much you've loved it - that's definitely true for me about my time at Miami University.  (Sing it with me, Redhawks.. Love and honor to Miami...)

I keep using italics because seriously!!!! How am I graduating already?!

This picture was taken before an end-of-the-year celebration dinner for a group I volunteer with called Young Life.  I'm excited to keep leading Young Life post-college because it'll give some continuity to my in-college and out-of-college life, and my coleaders at the high school I lead at are some of my dearest friends.  (I actually lead Young Life at the high school Kendall goes to - hopefully the pieces are all coming together now!)

So, that should help prevent a few I'm-a-college-graduate breakdowns, but I could use any advice anyone else has!  What do you guys do to cope with big life changes?  (And also, how does one begin to tackle adulthood?)

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